Facebook event page for Oct 7th and Picture!

http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=116900495018191&index=1  (link on website has been changed to reflect this)

From Facebook:

We will be holding a state-wide/international day of action for public education. Tell everyone you know!

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One Response to Facebook event page for Oct 7th and Picture!

  1. The Bay Area United Against War newsletter endorses this action. Our newsletter goes out to over 380 groups and individuals in the Bay Area and we will include an announcement of the October 7th action so please keep us informed.

    The costs of war have skyrocketed and students and the poor are being forced to foot the bill. The more people we can get in the streets the better. We must rely on our own ability to massively organize to demand money for schools, healthcare, housing, education and jobs, not for war. Tax the rich, not the poor. Money for peoples needs, not for war.

    In solidarity,

    Bonnie Weinstein, bauaw.org

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