October 7 Balloons and Cal Disorientation Guide 2010

FYI, this morning I saw some balloons with interesting signs on them. They say things like Oct 7 Strike, 12% Latino Admissions drop, 32% Fee hike, Pensions, , etc. Very colorful and lively no? ;0 Just an idea that other campus’ might start thinking about, it seems like good outreach and good Oct 7 ads ;0

There’s also the Cal Disorientation Guide 2010:


Cal Disorientation Guide 2010:
The Cal Disorientation Guide is now available both in print and online.

This is the 2010 Cal Disorientation Guide Online Edition! It was created as an anti-orientation guide. As the guide you will never get from CalSO, your dorm, or the Daily Cal.

“We have prepared a guide that touches on media, food, sex, movies, labor, privatization, satire, history, representation, events, research, and much more. We have a print edition (which you can download as a pdf), but here you will find exclusive online articles as well as videos and links that relate to the various articles. Enjoy.”

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