Updated Statewide Mobilizing Conference Flyer

October 30-31st StateWide Mobilizing Conference Against the Privatization of Public Education and Public Services @ SF State

Regardless of who is elected after the November 2nd elections, on November 3rd, we still face a long-term systematic attack on public education and public workers.
October 30-31st State-Wide Mobilizing Conference
Against the Privatization of Public Education and Public Services
@ San Francisco State University
Conference Information & Registration:
Shortlink (copy into browser): http://wp.me/PJV1i-3V
We, the people, have the democratic power to ensure that our  public institutions effectively serve the public. But to do so,  members of all regions and sectors — students, teachers, staff,  unions, adult-ed, activists, and community organizations — must  unite, take action, and contribute our voices and thoughts to the  October 30-31st conference.
The purpose of the October 30-31st conference is to  democratically propose demands, devise an action plan, and create  a structure capable of defending public education and public  services for the benefit of all.
We invite all supporters of education across the nation to attend  and participate in theconference.

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2 Responses to Updated Statewide Mobilizing Conference Flyer

  1. Is it possible to get a PDF version of this poster that people can easily use for printing?


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