Call for UC’s to Attend the October 30-31 Mobilizing Conference Against Privatization

Call for UC’s to Attend the October 30-31 Mobilizing Conference Against Privatization

The beginning of this school year, the UC Administration revealed:

–          Discussions of further fee hikes (up to 20% in November)
–          Operation Excellence at UC Berkeley, a plan proposing 200 more worker layoffs
–          2012 Admissions Policy, which pushes underrepresented communities of color                              out of the UC System
–         A 12% drop in Latino enrollment at UCB
–           A plan to create a UC Cyber Campus

At the same time, the state deepened cuts to K-12 and public services for those in need, creating policies which further privatize education by shutting down public schools, increasing charter schools, and underfunding the CSU’s and Community Colleges.
Both the state and campus administration are attacking students and workers, while corporations are bailed out and top executives receive bonuses. They are organized and have a plan to privatize our society. This is why we too must mobilize and organize, forcing them to confront our powerful resistance.
What about us?

On October 7th, over 76 schools across California and the U.S. held protests and teach-ins in over 25 states and took the first step this school year to defend public education for all. At UC Berkeley, we helped organized pickets, a rally and sit-in, where 2000 students and workers rallied and marched culminating in a 4-hour sit-in which forced a response from the Chancellor.
Now is the time for us to take the second step: unity of the movement in concrete demands and actions.
Build for and participate in the Statewide Mobilizing Conference on 30th and 31st of October at SFSU!

Let’s come together to discuss, coordinate and decide our demands and our plan of action for the next period.
Don’t wait to raise your voice and take action! Everyone is an organizer!

For more information:

-Student Worker Action Team, UC Berkeley, 10/27/2010

About SWAT:

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