Next Continuations Committee meeting Nov 6th at UC Berkeley 12pm-2pm Wheeler 220

Great job on all those that came to conference and were patient with the whole process. More then 200 folks came on Saturday (more then the April 24th Conference) and Sunday had less but still we got what we wanted to done. Now we just have to take the conference’s decisions and make all our goals and ideas happen. I think the conference showed that folks are still mobilizing against the cuts to education and public services and so we all acknowledge the importance of uniting around the struggle for quality public education and public services.

At our Sunday conference, we decided on a Continuations Committee with a flexible structure and whose goal it is to grow and organically connect the different mobilized folks in order to help advance the struggle. The Continuations Committee met after the conference and is calling a meeting November 6th, 12pm-2pm at UC Berkeley Wheeler 220. We’ll have a Skype system set-up so folks from SoCal and other folks can call in and be part of the dialogue.
We are looking into creating a Continuations Committee  list-serve that will be used specifically for the organization and execution of any goals of the Continuations Committee which necessitate group email communication. It was discussed that this list-serve’s primary goal is for announcements to next Continuations Committee meetings, updates and events related to it. This list-serve is for folks to be kept in the loop but don’t want to be overloaded with the specific execution of the goals of the conference’s decisions and goals.

As was brought up on Sunday, the Cal State Board recently announced its proposal of  5% increase for the rest of this school year and a 10% increase for next school year that will be voted on the weekend before the Regents meeting (I forgot the date, but I believe its  around Nov 12)  . A Cal State student from the Continuations Committee volunteered to write a solidarity letter The Nov. 6th meeting can be a space to help see what we can do to be in solidarity with the Cal state budget cuts struggle while UC folks start mobilizing for the Nov Regents 16-18th meeting where a potential 0-20% fee will discussed and possibly voted on.
Anyways, I know this was a long email but I know we’re all looking forward to push for the Fall and Spring actions and to mobilize a united movement that can stop the cuts to public education and public services will be getting more and more apparent as the year ends and when next year’s California budget shortfalls starts putting public education into another crisis. We know the fee hikes, layoffs and cuts will continue given the political and economic stranglehold of the capitalist system, and so our task is to push the resistance to a level where we can organize anoffense and to take back what is ours -the right to a public education and to have power over the democratic running of this society.
Fall Action plan:
Nov 16th-18th action to protest the potential fee hike and cuts that may be voted on at UC’s [and now Cal States] and other education sectors.
Conference Demands/Points of Unity that were passed the majority:
1) No to privatization and austerity
2) Free, quality public education
from preK
to graduate school is
a fundamental human right.
3) End discrimination based upon race, gender,
sexual orientation and class. Immediate full
legalization of all immigrants, reverse the ban
on affirmative action, equal access to public
4) Tax the rich and corporations
5)Democratic governance of the
educational system
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