October 30-31st Conference

Defend Public Education Conference
San Francisco State University

Conference Registration Report & Breakdown

Members of the Continuations Committee

(Full text of motions will be posted when they become available.
Send corrections to statewidecoordination@gmail.com)


a. Set Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011 as a statewide Strike and Day of Action in defense of public education.

b. Call for protest actions culminating in a sit-in at the UC Regents meeting November 16-18th to resist their expected decision to significantly increase tuition.

c. Call on each campus to stage some creative outreach activity on the first day back from winter break.

d. To support and send a contingent to the march on Sacramento (tentatively scheduled for March 14) being organized by SSCCC.

e. To send an open letter to the newly elected California Governor in defense of public education.

f. Recommend that education activists engage in outreach and education work among families and community, unions, and the anti-war movement. Recommended techniques include creation of facts fliers, door to door organizing, use of surveys as an organizing tool, discussion groups, and movie nights.

g. Next statewide conference provisionally set for Saturday, March 12, 2011, location to be determined. In addition to the usual conference agenda to also discuss what was effective and why, and workshops & etc on building the movement.


The conference adopted six general demands that encompass numerous specific demands which were not individually discussed or voted on:

1. Free, quality public education from pre-K to graduate school and access to necessary social services are fundamental human rights.

2. No to privatization and austerity.

3. End discrimination based upon race, gender,sexual orientation, and class. Reverse the ban on affirmative action, equal access to public education. Immediate full legalization of all immigrants.

4. No to war and incarceration, yes to public education

5. Tax the rich and corporations.

6. Democratic governance of the educational system.


I. The Conference voted to form a Continuations Committee (CC) of volunteers to:

1. Implement the Conference action plan and other decisions.
2. Facilitate outreach & organizing to build a movement.
3. Involve new people in active work.
4. Administer statewide logistics (website, lists, conferences, etc).
5. Build sense pf solidarity & community across sectors and locales.
6. Build and nurture sector-specific communications networks.
7. Facilitate communication with national education/student activists.
8. Report regularly to an email list of education activists.

But the CC is NOT authorized to:

a. Make political decisions regarding demands or state-wide actions & strategies because those decisions are the responsibility of this, and future, state-wide conferences.

b.Issue orders or commands instructing local groups and organizations what they must, or cannot, do.

Existing campus committees, unions, community groups, and regional
structures are encouraged to send volunteers to join the Continuations
Committee and participate in organizing work.

Those who volunteer to serve on the CC are expected to:

* Commit to doing ongoing organizing work.
* Post their email address on the website so people can contact them.
* Commit to participating via email or conference calls in committee implementation discussions and decisions.

The goal of the CC is to assemble a wide and diverse team of volunteer organizers from different sectors (K-12, UC, CSU, CC, public-workers, community, etc), all the geographic regions, varied constituencies (students, teachers, staff, parents, etc), and to include women and men from diverse ethnicities and cultures. To this end, the CC is expected to grow over time by recruiting and involving new members.

Members of the Continuations Committee

II. The Conference adopted the following goals:

a. Emphasize building campus groups.

b. Every campus body encouraged to send people to be part of the statewide and regional coordination.

c. Push for establishment of regional bodies in Northern and Southern California.

d. To use a website to push forward organizing and coordination.

e. Encourage city-wide, local,multigroup & multicampus meetings of all active groups in the movement semiregularly/regularly.


1. Voted to condemn the Diablo Valley College administration for attacking Free Speech resulting from the peacefull, legal ralley and march held on the October 7th Day Of Action. As well to demand that all the bogus charges against DVC SDS for organizing the action be dropped.

2.  Voted to express solidarity with all students and workers facing charges for being involved in the education movement.

3. Voted to express solidarity with French students and workers.

4. Voted to express solidarity with worker’s cooperatives in Argentina (IPERT and Zanon Ceramics factory)

5. Voted to write a letter in solidarity with Doro-chiba.

6. Voted to express solidarity with the parents and faculty of Whitter elementary in Chicago.

We, the people, have the democratic power to beat back these attacks
and ensure that our public institutions effectively serve the public.
But to do so, members of all regions and sectors — adult-ed,
students, workers, teachers, activists, unions, and community
organizations — must unite and take action on October 7th, and
contribute our voices and thoughts to the October 30-31st conference at
San Francisco State University to defend public education.

The purpose of the October 30-31st conference is to democratically
propose demands, devise an action plan, and create a structure capable
of defending public education and public services for the benefit of

We invite all supporters of education across the nation to attend and
participate in the October 7th day of action and the October 30-31st

Defend public education organizing email list (Google group): http://groups.google.com/group/fallconferencesfsu