Northern California Regional Demands

January 22, 2010 Draft

All Out on March 4!

Defend  Public  Education!

  • Fully funded, free public education from preschool through graduate school and adult education
  • Open admissions
  • No privatization; no charter schools
  • No union-busting
  • End No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top
  • Student, faculty, staff, parent, and working class community control over the entire public education system, from preK-12 through graduate school and adult education

Protect  Jobs  and  Social  Services!

  • Full funding for all public and social services
  • Restore all cuts and expand vital public programs
  • No foreclosures

End  War  and  Close  Prisons!

  • Money for jobs and education, not war and incarceration

Defend  Immigrants’  Rights!

  • Full citizenship rights for immigrants
  • No ICE raids, no deportations

Join us! Contact the East Bay March 4 Outreach Committee at: . Planning meetings are on Saturdays from 11am to 1pm; email us for location.

Southern California Regional Demands

January 18, 2010 Draft

1. Restore and expand funding for education to provide jobs, education,
health care and social services for all

2. We demand that funding comes from taxing the rich, divesting from War
and the Prison Industrial Complex.

3. We demand that a livable wage be paid to all workers, alongside with an
end to ALL budget cuts and the privatization of our schools.

4. We demand democratic voting of laws and officials in all educational
governments along with the repeal of the 2/3 vote in legislature.


17 Responses to Demands

  1. As far as I understand there has been no demands set by the coalition as of yet. At the October 24th conference no demands were agreed upon. We suggest the following:

    1) For massive indefinite strike action to reverse the cuts, layoffs and fee hikes.
    2) For free quality education for all from pre-school to university.
    3) Drive the Military, CIA and NSA off campus.
    4) End furloughs against public workers and rehire all laid off workers
    5) For full employment
    6) End the privatization of public education. End Charter school drive of Obama and Duncan.
    7) Defeat the imperialist invasions of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan

  2. Tommy Arnina says:

    At today’s Northern California regional meeting, the following demands were passed. There may have been more; a full report will be posted later.

    a. Fully funded, free public education from preschool through graduate school and adult education

    b. No privatization of education; no union busting, no charter schools; down with No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top

    c. Reverse the fee hikes

    d. Student, faculty, staff, parent, and working class community control over the entire public education system, from preK-12 through graduate school and adult education

  3. Jack Gerson says:

    At Sunday’s Norcal coordinating committee, a more complete set of demands was adopted. Some of those listed in Tommy’s posting were passed in slightly altered form; some were combined; and there were other demands that were passed (e.g., Full Citizenship Rights for Immigrants with No deportations; End resegregation of public education; and others). I believe that Ryan from SFSU, who chaired the session, has the final list of demands as approved at Sunday’s meeting. Ryan and I agreed to do the final writeup and publish the demands, and Ann Robertson from SFSU also agreed to work on this. Ryan — if you’re reading this, can you get in touch with Ann and me and send each of us the list of demands, so that we can get the final version out soon.
    Jack Gerson

    • Tommy Arnina says:

      Jack, if possible someone from HWRS would like to be involved in the project of writing up the demands passed on Sunday. Can you please email us at and let us know what the best way would be for us to get a chance to have some input into the draft before it gets published? Thanks!

  4. Juan says:

    NorCal Demands from 1/10/10 – Draft as of 1/19/10
    I’m writing on behalf of the demands committee from the January 10
    northern california coordinating committee meeting (Shane Mason, Ann
    Robertson, Michelle Stewart, Ryan Sturges, Jack Gerson) I’m sending
    out the demands agreed on at the meeting, as combined and reorganized
    by the demands committee. The meeting had agreed to use four main
    categories of demands (education; public services / jobs; war and
    prisons; immigrants’ rights). In addition, following the round of
    voting (partially reported in the minutes that went out yesterday),
    the body agreed (by acclamation) to combine several of the demands
    under the main framing demands. The demands committee was charged with
    taking the various sub-demands that the body had agreed on combining
    and organizing them coherently into the four categories. We have
    worked collaboratively on this, and what follows is the product of our
    joint work.

    Fully Funded Free Accessible Quality Public Education for All
    1. End the resegregation of public education; Open admissions
    2. No privatization; No charter schools
    3. No union-busting
    4. End No Child Left Behind and Race to the Top
    5. Democratic control of education by students, staff, parents,
    teachers and the working class community.
    6. Roll back the fee hikes, furloughs, salary cuts and layoffs

    Full Funding for Public Services / Jobs for All
    1. Restore and expand all cut programs and jobs
    2. Jobs for all
    3. Tax the Rich; tax the corporations
    4. Amend Prop. 13 / tax corporate property at a higher rate

    No War, No Cuts
    1. Immediate withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan
    2. Money for education and services, not war and incarceration

    Full Citizenship Rights for Immigrants
    1. No Deportations
    2. End the ICE Raids
    3. Full access to scholarship and financial aid for immigrant students

  5. Tommy Arnina says:

    There are a number of problems with this draft, as has already been pointed out in emails to the Northern California and East Bay mailing lists. I will not repeat the points made in those emails here, but I don’t want anyone who reads Juan’s post, above, to think that it is the final version. It is not, at least as far as my comrades and I are concerned. The draft is partially correct, but not entirely; it includes proposed demands that did not receive a majority vote, and omits other proposals that did. I hope we will be able to work out the differences and agree on a final version that accurately reflects the voting at the January 10 Northern California meeting.


    I am on a committee for a march on March 4th and 22nd. I feel were doing this all wrong. We have so many colleges in California, why are we not uniting. We need to work together more and get more students. We should have tens of thousands of students at the strikes. We need to have all community colleges, state colleges, UC’s, and privates all there. We need to do better with coordination. Please email me so we can work together, and become more effective.

    Thank you,
    Etienne R. Bowie

  7. Dave Madan says:

    I’m deeply grateful to those working on this. I’m a UC alum, and am coming over from the East Coast to attend the 3/4 demonstration, because of how important it’ll be.

    This is clearly a critical moment to defend and fight for the availability of high-quality public education. While I appreciate the holistic view that it stems from, I think that this list of demands veers far away from the core of the issue, which I think dilutes the movement and will in turn distance MANY of the many many folks who should and could be mobilized right now.

    That’s just my take. I will be there on 3/4 solely to defend state financial support of the California public education system — and all of its students, faculty, staff, and other community stakeholders.

  8. It´s great to realize, that protests spread all over the world. Keep on!

    Have a look at our demands:

  9. Lilij says:


  10. Frank Versace says:

    What an amazing amalgamation of completely unrealistic, unachievable utopian goals! This is nothing less than a complete indictment of the failure of our current educational system, that someone could even come up with a list like this, much less consider it rational or beneficial!

  11. Margaret says:

    You silly bunch of Communists who want other people to pay for all your wants need to just grow up!

    Get a job; pay for your own education; then get a real job; raise a family; contribute something to the world, and save for your old age. Then see if you want some nitwit to demand your life savings so he doesn’t have to work for what he wants.

  12. Will Naught says:

    Other than ending slavery, fascism and communism war has never solved a single thing!

  13. Gary says:

    Are you guys for real? If so, why not move to Europe and keep our founding principles in tact? They’d love you guys over there!!

  14. Jim Soper says:

    RE: #4. We demand democratic voting of laws and officials in all educational
    governments along with the repeal of the 2/3 vote in legislature.

    Californians need to help collect a million signatures this month to put the California Democracy Act on November’s ballot. This will meet demand #4, and restore funding to California’s schools.

    Go to to download petitions.

  15. Joe Schier says:

    You people have no common sense whatsoever! You all rail on all these topics, which sound wonderful, but you have no means for paying for any of them. You are all a bunch of communist kooks!!!

  16. Tom Sparenzo says:

    I realize that this all seems good enough, but it is all socialist. Who is going to pay for all the teachers, books, computers, etc.? Um… Tax payers (us). I’m poor (and when I say poor I mean it,) 23, and have worked my butt off at dead end jobs to try to go to college. I still haven’t been able to go, if I could go at no cost to myself I would, but I also understand that not every one can do that. You would demolish the system your trying to get in to just because your not willing to work and save to go to school.

    Ruin it for everyone, so that everyone can have it? It’s like what McDonald’s did to the hamburger, you could make a nice burger yourself if your willing to wait or you can get the burger that everyone gets that is probably not even 100% real.

    What is more rewarding?

    P.s. The Big Red M in march and the Red woman with her fist in the air is so much like the old communist and socialist propaganda, it’s not even funny. Maybe the Big red M is for Marx.

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